Common Questions:

Are these essential oil candles?

While all of our candles do have essential oils in them as part of their scent, they are not pure essential oil candles. We generally prefer to use high-quality fragrance oils infused with essential oils because these oils will produce a stronger scent for you to enjoy while being more economically feasible.

Plus, a lot of essential oils have a low flash point, the temperature when the oil will evaporate and vaporize. Low flash points make many of these essential oils not appropriate for candles on their own.

Are the fragrance oils in your candles safe?

Yes, the fragrance oils we use are safe for us to work with in our studio and for you to enjoy as part of our candles in your home. We only purchase the safest scents on the market, free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other concerning chemicals like phthalates.

Our suppliers proudly adhere to “industry-leading safety standards” because safety matters when it comes to what we’re bringing into our homes!

Do you sell your candles wholesale?

Yes, we are happy to offer our candles wholesale for resale!